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Underwear Fabric

One-Wear Cotton Disposable Underwear - 100% Cotton

The natural cotton used is extremely soft making it very comfortable and a joy to wear, which has taken a lot of our customers by surprise. One-Wear cotton disposable underwear shouldn't be confused with old fashioned disposable underwear made from paper or present day alternatives made from synthetic polypropylene fabric.

Cotton Disposable Undergarments are Environmentally Friendly

As One-Wear cotton disposable underwear is made from cotton, a natural biodegradable material, it can be broken down in a reasonable amount of time into its base compounds by micro-organisms and other living things.

One-wear Cotton Disposable Underwear Care Instructions

One-Wear cotton disposable underwear can be reused and washed several times, either by hand or machine on a low heat. As the fabric is soft and lightweight it is not as tough as thicker and heavier regular underwear. As a result it will not survive many washes.


One-Wear Disposable PolyPro Underwear - 100% Polypropylene

One-Wear PolyPro Disposable underwear is our latest range of underwear made from Polypropylene which means it is more affordable. Our PolyPro range is still soft and even lighter than our cotton disposable underwear range although more suitable for shorter durations as it is synthetic. 

One-Wear Disposable Underwear - Making Life Simpler

We hope that using One-Wear Disposable Knickers, Briefs and Panties will go some way to - Making Life Simpler